Outdoor Leadership

In this term, I have an exploration call Outdoor Leadership that talking about how to living in the forest without technology and also learn how to do something that relates to outdoor too such as making fire, build shelter and more.  So below are the photo essay that talking about some of my experience during the trip to Mondulkiri. 


Photo by Yanich

Hiking is not easy for me. Mondulkiri is the place where has a lot of mountains, so it’s hard to hike. We need to go up and down up and down the mountain and the road is not good too. It’s very dangerous it’s very very steep. The weather is very hot too. But it’s Ok because while we hiking, we make juke that makes everyone laugh and also teacher sang a song for us too to make us has more energy. Also while we hiking we have seen a lot of new thing from nature such as birds, animals and some plants that make us feel better too. And I just know that nature can also help us feel better and have more energy.


Photo by Yanich

We are family, so we need to help each other. I help my friends a lot but not just friends, I also help the people who cook for us too. When we at the waterfall I and some of my friends help the guide cook the food for lunch. Also in our exploration, we have roles for each student when we on the trip. And I got Fire Fairies that need to collect the firewood. While we on the trip, when I finish collect the firewood I go and help the dinner people to cook or I help them the clean the dishes too.  



Photo by Teacher Da

We need water. Water is very important to us especially when we hiking or playing the sport. We need to drink a lot more water and more often. For this trip, I didn’t drink much water. That’s why I get dehydrated. When I get dehydrated it’s hard for me to hike and sure that you’ll get tired. I need to drink more water and more often to make me feel good and be a good self-leader too. 

Photo by Teacher Da

One of my highlight from the trip was to build the shelter only use a natural thing. We learn how to build the shelter because it’s easy while we hiking and some people get sick or something we know how to build a shelter for them to stay and protect from something dangerous like the storm, rain something like that. All of our students have to divide into 4 team and this team has won it.


Photo by Yanich

Before the trip, everyone has a dream to see new and different birds in Cambodia. During the trip, everyone has a chance to see many birds. This is a picture of one of my friends tries to see the birds by using the binoculars. I have one too. I saw one parrot that stays on the branch of the tree. It’s full of green and has a long tail. I really enjoy seeing the birds.  


So now in Stem class, we learn about motion. What is motion? so motion can also be defined simply, as a change in position. In this lesson, we learn more about motion such as Distance, Direction, and a lot more. So  Distance is the length of the route between two points and Direction is just as important as a distance in describing motion. And also we learn about SI units too. SI units for distance is the meter but short distance may be measured by a centimeter and long distance may be measured by kilometer. 




We continue doing python in this round, but we learn new thing about python, not the old one. We learn about Python Lists and Python Dictionary. Python Lists is a collection of items that are ordered and changeable, written in square brackets: [….] and allow duplicate items. For Python Dictionary is kind of similar to Python Lists too, but it’s a collection of items that are unordered and changeable, written with curly brackets: {….} and Does not allow duplicate items.  To understand more about those two things, the teacher told us a website that we can practice about those that call trinket.io. I have one project that I work on in trinket.io that talk about Python Dictionary. And you can test it here below. 




Nowadays in Math class, we learn about Angles and Triangle.  We have three rules about it.

  1. “In a triangle, the 3 angles always add up to 180°”
  2. “In a quadrilateral, the 4 angles add up to 360°” 
  3. “Exterior angle equals the two interior opposite angles added together”

After that, we learn about how to find some angle by using those rules. for example:


In this triangle, it has 3 angles and they only tell us only 2 of them. How can we find another one? So we gonna use the first rule to do this.  The 3 angles always add up to 180°. So we need to take 180° – (70° + 50°) = 60° 


There’s a quote once said

6+3 = 9,

But so does 5+4.

You never believe other people

you always believe in yourself

and think that

everything that other people said

are “WRONG”.

The way you think

is not the only way

that other people think.

Respect other people’s


Just because you think different

That’s not mean other people


The world is your teacher

And you are a



Rise above the storm,

Don’t let the storm change your life

Life is about dreaming

To completed our goals

That we have right above the storm

Keep going

You can do it.

I know you can.

Some people tell you lies


You can’t do that

You not enough for that

You know what

Your mind is the most


Force, you will ever face.

So keep going

To complete your goal

That’s rise above the storm

To go and find the sunshine.

Percent (%)

Some people said leaning percent is easy, but some people said that learning percent is not easy it’s hard for them. Hi there reader, So now a day in math class, we learn about Percentage. So first we need to know what is percent mean. And we find out that percent means Per-Cent which mean per 100. We have done many activities about percent such as finding the percentage of something like that and also we do some word problem too. 

Cambodian authors 

This term in Khmer class we need to research a lot on the internet and in the book. So I pick one to write about and it’s about Cambodian authors before. 

ញ៉ុក ថែម

lលោកញ៉ុក ថែម បានកើត នៅឆ្នាំ ១៩០៣ នៅខេត្តបាត់ដំបង ។ គាត់បាន សរសេររឿង ដែលល្បីមួយ ឈ្មោះថា “កុលាបប៉ៃលិន” ។

គាត់ មានស្នាដៃ ជាច្រើនទៀតដូចជា ៖

  • រឿងបីសាចស្នេហ៍
  • ប្រជុំពុទ្ធភាសិត
  • ពុទ្ធប្បវត្តិ សង្ខេប

គង់ ប៊ុនឈឿន

គង់ ប៊ុនឈឿន

លោកគង់ ប៊ុនឈឿន បានកើត នៅថ្ងៃ ទី ១៨ ខែ តុលា ឆ្នាំ ១៩៣៩ នៅ ខេត្តបាត់ដំបង ។

គាត់បាន សរសេរចម្រៀងជាច្រើន ដូចជា៖

  • កូនស្រីអ្នកនេសាទ
  • រាហ៊ូចាប់ចន្ទ
  • ស្ពានអូរតាគី
  • អារសាច់ជូនម្ដាយ
  • រំដួលដងស្ទឹងសង្កែ

មិនត្រឹម តែចម្រៀងនោះទេគាត់បានសរសេរ ប្រលោមលោក

ជាច្រើនដូចជា ៖

  • វាសនា របស់ កញ្ញា តាត ម៉ារីណា
  • ទឹកភ្នែកឪពុក
  • ទឹកភ្នែកកុលាបបាត់ដំបង

យស ងិន

រឿង: ចៅ ស្រទបចេក

អ្នកនិពន្ធ រឿង: ចៅ ស្រទបចេក

កើត នៅ ភូមិ កំ ព្រៅ ស្រុក ស៊ី ធរ កណ្តាល ខេត្តព្រៃវែង សព្វ ថ្ងៃនេះ ។

កវី ជា អ្នកនិពន្ធ រឿង   យស ងិ ន « ទេវ វង្ស កុមារ » គេ ស្គាល់ ថា រឿង « ចៅ ស្រទបចេក » ដែល ជា រឿង កម្សត់ ក្រៃ លែង ដែល បាន ស្ថិត នៅ ជា ការ ចង ចាំ របស់ ខ្មែរ រហូត មក ដល់ បច្ចុប្បន្ន ហើយ លោក បាន និពន្ធ រឿង នេះ នៅ គ្រឹ ស្គ សករាជ ១៨៨៩ ។



ភិក្ខុសោម មានឈ្មោះ ពីកំណើតមកថា​ ងួន សោម​  ។​ លោកកើតនៅឆ្នាំ ១៨៥២ នៅឃុំកំព្រៅ ខេត្ត សុីធរកណ្តាល (​សព្វថ្ងៃ ស្រុកសុីធរកណ្តាល ខេត្តព្រៃវែង​)។ លោក​ បាន​តែងរឿង​ ដូច​ជា​

  • ផ្ការាំ​ទឹក​រាំ (​ ១៩១១​ )
  • ទុំទាវ​ (​ ១៩១៥​ )

ព្រះ​ភិក្ខុ​​ សុគតនៅ​ឆ្នាំ​ ១៩៣២ ​ដោយ​ជរាពាធ

ក្នុង​ជន្មាយុ​ ៨០ឆ្នាំ​ ។


លោកមាន ឈ្មោះពេញថា អ៊ុក អ៊ូ ហៅ ងុយ ។ លោក កើតនៅឆ្នាំ​ ១៨៦៥ នៅ ភូមិអណ្ដូងស្វាយ ឃុំកំបូល ស្រុកភ្នំពេញ ខេត្ដកណ្ដាល ។ លោក ចូលចិត្ត ច្រៀង និងទេសនា អំពីប្រធានបទបញ្ហាប្រចាំថ្ងៃ ដូចជា

  1. ការប្រកបមុខរបរធ្វើស្រែចម្ការ
  2. ការជ្រើសគូស្រករ
  3. ភាពក្រីក្រជាដើម

ភាពល្បីល្បាញ ខាងសម្លេងររបស់កវី អ៊ូ នេះបាន លឺទៅដល់ព្រះមហាក្សត្រ ។ ព្រះអង្គ ក៏បាន ឲ្យលោកចូលគាល់ និងច្រៀងថ្វាយ ។ ព្រះអង្គ ពេញព្រះទ័យ ហើយក៏បានប្រទានងាឲ្យលោកជា អ្នកព្រះភិរម្យភាសាអូ៊ ។

លោក មានស្នាដៃ ជាច្រើនដែលបានបន្សល់ដូចជា៖

  1. ច្បាប់ល្បើកថ្មី (បទកាកគតិ)  ឆ្នាំ១៩២២
  2. ច្បាប់កេរកាលថ្មី (បទព្រហ្មគិត)  ឆ្នាំ១៩២២
  3. សេចក្ដីរំលឹកដាស់តឿន (បទពាក្យ ៧)  ឆ្នាំ១៩៣១
  4. ច្បាប់ប្រដៅទូន្មានប្រុសស្រី (បទពាក្យ ៧)  មិនដឹងកាលបរិច្ឆេទ
  5. បណ្ដាំក្រមង៉ុយ (បទព្រហ្មគិត)  គ្មានកាលបរិច្ឆេទ។

អ្នកភិរម្យភាសាអ៊ូ បានទទួលអនិច្ចកម្ម នៅឆ្នាំ ១៩៣៦ ក្នុងជន្មាយុ ៧១ឆ្នាំ ដោយជំងឺ ទល់លាមក ។

រីម​ គីន

រីម​ គីន
  • ស្រុកកំណើតនៅបាក់ទូក រាជធានីភ្នំពេញ កើតនៅឆ្នាំ១៩១១
  • គាត់ ក៏បានទៅរៀន នៅមហាវិទ្យាល័យ សុីសុវិត្ត ផងដែរ
  • ដោយសារ តែគាត់ឃើញ កិច្ចការងារ របស់ប្រទេសវៀតណាម បានជះអត្ថធិពល មកដល់គាត់ ដែលធ្វើឲ្យលោក ចាប់ផ្ដើម និពន្ធរឿង ។
  • សៀវភៅដំបូង ដែលគាត់ បាននិពន្ធគឺ “សូផាត”
  • នៅពេល ដែលគាត់អាយុ ៤៨ ឆ្នាំ គាត់ទទួលរមណ:ភាពនៅឆ្នាំ ១៩៥៩។
នូ ហាច
  • ថ្ងៃកំណើត ២៦ មិថុនា ឆ្នាំ១៩១៦
  • ទីកន្លែងកំណើត ឃុំកំពង់ព្រះ ស្រុកសង្កែ ខេត្តបាត់ដំបង
  • ឳពុក ឃួន នៅ (កសិករ)
  • ម្តាយនាមឳរ មួច (កសិករ)
  • លោក នូ ហាច ជាកូនច្បង និងមានប្អូនៗច្រើននាក់ទៀត ក្នុងនោះមានប្អូនស្រី៣នាក់ផងដែរ។
  • រៀបការជាមួយអ្នកស្រីតាន់ រ៉េម
  • បុត្រចំនួន៨នាក់។ សព្វ ថ្ងៃកូនៗរបស់លោកមួយចំនួន រស់នៅសហរដ្ឋអាមេរិក និងអូស្រ្តាលី។
  • ឆ្នាំ១៩៥២ នាយករដ្ឋមន្រ្តី សម្តេចព្រះនរោត្តមសីហនុ បានតែងតាំងលោកនូ ហាច ជារដ្ឋលេខាធិការ ក្រសួងសាធារណការ និងគមនាគមន៍ ដោយព្រះរាជក្រិត្យ លេខ២៥២។
  • ១៧ មករា ឆ្នាំ១៩៥៨ លោកបានចូលជា សមាជិកនៃសមាគមអ្នកនិពន្ធខ្មែរ (ទស្សនាវដ្តីអ្នកនិពន្ធខ្មែរ ឆ្នាំទី២ លេខ៣ ខែកុម្ភៈ ឆ្នាំ១៩៩៦ ទំព័រ១៣) (សមាគមអ្នកនិពន្ធខ្មែរកើតឡើងនៅឆ្នាំ ១៩៥៤ ដោយលោករឹម គីន)។


រឿង ផ្កាស្រពោន ១៩៤៩

រឿង មាលាដួងចិត្ត​ ១៩៧២

រឿង មធុរស ជាតិ​ ១៩៥១

រឿង ត្រួយជិវិត ១៩៧៣

រឿង​​ កូនខ្លែង ១៩៥៣

រឿង នារីជាទីស្រលាញ់​ ១៩៥៣



Reading is not easy for me. I don’t like reading so much. This just shows me who I am before but now not like that. Now I like to read the book. I have read so many books and now almost everything in English literacy is related to reading. We need to read and read more. This term of school teacher has given us a book to read for 3 weeks. The book it’s kind of long but not very long and that’s books call “Looking for Alaska”. Looking for Alaska is the books that are mostly talking about Relationship, happy, death and sad.  Here are the information and summary of the book.

Related image


Mile (Pudge)



Colonel (Chip)



The Eagle



Culver Creek school



Mile had to leave his parents from Florida to study at Alabama. Before he leaves, they waned him not to smoke and drink. However, when he goes to school and learn where he has friends that like to smoke and he starts to drink and smoke like his friends. And one day The Eagle caught them and they saw them smoke than they got a punishment for cleaning the dishes in the cafeteria for 1 week. When the Thanksgiving coming, Mile doesn’t go home and celebrate with his parents and he lied his parents that he had a lot of works to do, instead, he stays with Alaska and celebrates together. After the Thanksgiving holiday, they came back to school and taking the test about religion. After they thanksgiving celebrate the end, one day they want to make a pre-prank to the rich kids because they hate them so much. Start from that time, Alaska starts to feel sad and depressed 1 part because of her past, her mom’s death and another part because she believes life is just suffering. On the night of January 10th Alaska got into the worst car accident and passed away. Pudge and Colonel can’t take the truth so they decided to do their own investigation. They tried to go to different places and asked many different people, and tried to figure out why Alaska drove off the campus that night. Pudge and colonel have found most of what they want, so they try to make a prank and make everyone remember Alaska forever. After that one day, Mile runs into Takumi room and saw one paper on the floor. For the Takumi paper said that he needs to leave for Japan tomorrow and he said that he knows about that secret that mostly Colonel and Pudge try to figure out. The truth is that he saw her that night and he tries to talk to her and she told him that her mother was dead eight years ago and that why she always put flowers on her mother’s grave on the anniversary, but she forgot that year. And also Takumi still has no idea whether it was suicide or what too. 

Harry Houdini


When I have free time I usually want to learn about the history of Harry Houdini. I want to learn about him because I know him from Prince Ea. Harry Houdini is the master magician and Hungarian illusionist in American before. He is the person that can perform an escape act. He was born on March 24, 1874, in Budapest, Hungary, and died on October 31, 1926, in the hospital in the United States. His full name calls Erik Weisz. 



Traveling Theater Set Design 

In this term, I and some of my friend has an exploration call Traveling Theater Set Design. In this exploration is all about showing a play or something that moves around, for example, we show at this place after we finish we move to another place. The beginning of the exploration we have prepared some tools and the show. In our school, we also have one exploration that creates the play, but our exploration we also have created the play too and some other show such as sing the song with guitar and some magic show. Also, we need to think of the place that we go to play our show because some place may have a lot of light from the sun that makes audience can’t see the screen. We also have went on one trip and that trip was an amazing trip because we did very well.