Math is my favorite class. In our school, We have 4 hours for each student to learn math every week. Basically math class we learn from the book call PRIMARY MATHEMATICS. And now we are on 5A. So 5A book focuses on Fraction, Ratio and Area. Now we no the Fraction lesson. In this fraction lesson, we learn how to add, subtract, multiply and Divide the fraction. But before we learn how to do that first we need to know a bit more about fraction. For example, ½ is the fraction. So 1 is the numerator and 2 is the denominator.


Physical Science

Physical Science is the class that we study about Matter and energy including physic and chemistry. Our class we have one Website call CK12 that used to know more about our Topic. At this beginning of the year, we have studied about the matter and I don’t know what is matter but after I learn it I know it. So the matter is anything that has mass and volume. After we learn about the matter we also have learned about Atoms. A teacher has explained a lot about it like what is inside atoms. And we know a lot more about it. And I know that inside Atoms has Proton and Neutron and Electron. Proton has positive charge Neutron has no charge and Electron has a negative charge. Quark has to create Proton and Neutron and for Electron has created by Lepton. and there are six type of Quark and six type of Lepton.   


Adobe Creative

At first in Multimedia class we have learned about how to research something on the internet like Primary source and secondary source. and a teacher tells us to research something or someone on the internet. After we finish that we have learned about how to use Adobe creative like Photoshop Lightroom and Indesign. and then we need to edit the photo from Lightroom and Photoshop. and then we take that photo and some of our information about something or someone that we have research and put it in the InDesign. And this is my Project.


In Khmer class teacher has told us to make an own poem. In Cambodia, we have many different of the poem. So this is my poem that I have made it.  And this poem is about how our family is very important to us, how they take care of us.

(ភុជង្គលីលា)  គុណពុកម្តាយ

ខ្ញំុតែងកំណាព្យមួយជា      ភុជង្គលីលា ចាប់ជាពាក្យជួន ។

ពេលនេះខ្ញំុសូមចូលខ្លួន      ប្រាប់ពីរពាក្យបួន        ជាក្បួនពុកម្តាយ ។

មេត្តាមានសេចក្តីថា       ពុកម្តាយប្រាថ្នា   កូនកាលទៅរៀន ។

ករុណាគ្មានក្តីបៀតបៀន       មិនឲ្យគ្រប់រាម មានឈាមមានទុក្ខ ។

មុទិតាមានន័យជាថា       ការអរត្រការ ឃើញកូនបានសុក្ខ ។

ចុងក្រោយគឺឧបេក្ខា      ចិត្តជាកណ្តាល ប្រាជ្ញាឆ្លាតវៃ ។

រីឯឪពុកអ្នកម្តាយ      ហត់ចិត្តទាំងកាយ ឲ្យកូនបានសុខ ។

និយាយពីរឿងហូបចុក       មិនដែលសំកុក តែងតែហៅកូន ។

នៅពេលដែលកូនដឹងក្តី       ម្តាយរឹតតែភ័យ ដល់វ័យលំបាក់ ។

ពិសេសពេលកូនចង់សាក       អាភានទាំងកាក ចោលចាកសិក្សា ។

ពេលខ្លះជាកូនសិស្សល្អ        រិះរកអក្សរ ខិតខំប្រឹងរៀន ។

ពេលខ្លះកូនសិស្សមិនល្អ       មិនសូវមាត់ក ពេលនៅក្នុងថ្នាក់ ។

ចុងក្រោយអ្នកទាំងអស់គ្នា              ខិតខំព្យាយា រៀនជាថ្ងៃមុខ ។

ពុកម្តាយយើងគ្មានជួបទុក្ខ       ព្រោះយើងបានសុខ បានចុកគ្រប់គ្រាន់ ។

My Personal Learning

This early year I have learned about “Writing Through”. This Writing Through is a small project that the teacher has taught us about how to write a story or poem easily.

This the poem that I have created:


We can’t buy time,

Time is going.

It’s Doesn’t Wait for us.

Time is going like a water Flowing.

So you should do something, that important to you.

Cause time is important.

Changing Cambodia

Geography is my first exploration this year. This geography exploration talks about the geography of Cambodia and about the historical name and historical statues of each province and also we have created a book call Cambodia Geography Book too. This exploration we study with teacher Jan and about 7 weeks. Teacher Jan is a teacher that teaches about Geography exploration. This exploration talks about the geography of Cambodia so teacher divided Cambodia into 4 regions which are Northern, western, southern and eastern. This exploration, the teacher has selected 15 students to join the first region. I and my some of my friend were selected to join the Cambodia Geography region 1. This Region has 6 provinces which are Tboung Khmum, Kampong Cham, Kampong Thom, Siem Reap,  Preah Vihear, and Oddar Meanchey. And also the book that we have created for the youngest generation to know more about the geography of Cambodia.


No single-use plastics in Liger

Say No To Single Using Plastic In Liger is one of the explorations for me this year. In this exploration we trying to eliminate the single using plastic in Liger. Single using Plastic is the plastic that we use it only one time and throw it away like plastic straws. And Now we are trying to stop using the plastic straw. And now we’re trying to put the policy and try to stop using plastic straw by don’t bring them into Liger and stop using by using the bamboo straw, metal straw, and grass straw instead of using a plastic straw. For the grass straw, we have research about it and it has one shop in Cambodia that use grass straw instead of using the plastic straw. And we have to go to that shop and we have interviewed some of the questions. And they said that grass straw we can drink with the hot water and cold water and if we put in the refrigerator it takes 3 months to destroy and if we put outside it about 3 days to destroy.