How do I change Cambodia this year?             

Changing Cambodia is the main thing that we need to do here at Liger Leadership Academy. Every day, teachers try to think “what are the things that students can help to change Cambodia”. This year, we have 5 exploration and one of those calls “No Single-Use Plastic in Liger”. The main idea of our project is to help reduce single-use plastic in Liger. But what is single-use plastic? 

Single-use plastic is the plastic that we use only one time and throw it away such as plastic straws. Plastic is very bad for our environment. So what is plastic made of? Plastic is made of chemicals that cause a lot of issues. Why Plastic is bad? Plastic is bad because it has chemicals in it and when we burn it that cause air pollution, using a lot of plastic that causes land pollution because plastic is hard to melt or decompose and using too much plastic that when has the wind just fly up through the air and struck at the ocean that causes water pollution. 

But why are there so many people like to use plastic or single-use plastic? So many people like to use it because it’s low weight, less energy, low material cost, water-resistant, easy to carry and a lot more. But also there are a lot of consequences that can cause by plastic too such as pollute the environment, use a very long time to degrade, affect the ozone, killed a lot of marine life, pose difficulties to recycling and a lot more too. 

Did u know what, According to there is nearly 2 million plastic that people use every minute every day? This data show that there are a lot of people uses plastic every minute. Imagine that, what about 1 hour. It is equal to 120 million per hour, right? Yeah and what about 1 day or 1 month or 1 year? That is a lot. That is why we want to try to eliminate single using plastic. First of all, we try to eliminate single using plastic here at Liger Leadership Academy first. And that is why we name our exploration call “No Single-Use Plastic in Liger”. We try to tell the people who work here such as teacher workers and students to eliminate using single-use plastic. And our solution is to tell all the people about how bad plastic is and how plastic effect or cause pollution. After we tell them about this we have bought the reusable bag and some stainless steel straw for people here at Liger Leadership Academy to use and make people try to stop using plastic or single-use plastic. And there are so many things that can use instead of using plastic such as the banana leaf, lotus leaf, metal water bottles, metal boxes, paper bags, fabric bags, paper straw, stainless steel straw and more. After trying these experiences, we can see that it works. People in here to change their habit why trying to reduce their use of single-use plastics as well as other plastic too.

This is a really really good project for me. Even though this project is not for the whole country yet but it’s some part of Cambodia too. And also while we are outside, we are trying to explain to people about how plastic can affect us and the whole world. Also, some big events happen in such a STEM festival, we also go went there and talk about this too. I know that this project is hard to work on, but at least some people may understand this problem. This is a very big problem and it is hard to solve, but I hope people might understand this problem. And lastly, I am glad that I have time to join this project to help Cambodia and to solve this big problem that the world is facing now. 

Changing Cambodia

Geography is my first exploration this year. This geography exploration talks about the geography of Cambodia and about the historical name and historical statues of each province and also we have created a book call Cambodia Geography Book too. This exploration we study with teacher Jan and about 7 weeks. Teacher Jan is a teacher that teaches about Geography exploration. This exploration talks about the geography of Cambodia so teacher divided Cambodia into 4 regions which are Northern, western, southern and eastern. This exploration, the teacher has selected 15 students to join the first region. I and my some of my friend were selected to join the Cambodia Geography region 1. This Region has 6 provinces which are Tboung Khmum, Kampong Cham, Kampong Thom, Siem Reap,  Preah Vihear, and Oddar Meanchey. And also the book that we have created for the youngest generation to know more about the geography of Cambodia.