Multimedia Storytelling

We can tell the story by many things such as video, photo or even on the map and more. But today we only focusing on storytelling by map. Learn how to tell the story by the map can help you to understand between two pictures of one place and we can know what the difference between years. Below are two pictures that combine into one picture and show Phnom Penh city which is the capital city of Cambodia. The up part is shown Phnom Penh city in 1988 and the down part is shown Phnom Penh city in 2016. As you can see, in 1988 there are not too many people live there compared to 2016, there are a lot of people come and live there.


Continue to the last round of the year at Liger Leadership Academy, in Technology and Multimedia class we mostly review what we’ve learned this whole year. What have we learned for this year? We have learned a lot of things such as; Pixar storytelling, Adobe Premium Pro, Photoshop, taking photos and videos and more. The task for this round is to create a small project that relates to what we’ve covered for this year. Some of my friends are doing Premium Pro but for me, I chose Adobe Photoshop because I think Photoshop is a really cool program to use. That’s why I wanted to learn about it more. For my project, I learned about double exposure. It’s kind of two photos combining together, for example, a photo of a person and it has a background inside it. So first you need to have one picture of an object in photoshop open already and then click on a tool that calls quick selection tool and select the object that you like to edit. After that, you need to have another picture which is the background picture. Put the background picture on the picture that you want to use I mean the select one and then left click with a “Ctrl” key. After that, at the top on the left, you will see “layer”. Click on it and that find layer mask and click on reveal selection. Lastly, you will see your picture with a background inside it. I spent about a week to finish many pictures and below are some of the pictures that I edited.


We continue doing python in this round, but we learn new thing about python, not the old one. We learn about Python Lists and Python Dictionary. Python Lists is a collection of items that are ordered and changeable, written in square brackets: [….] and allow duplicate items. For Python Dictionary is kind of similar to Python Lists too, but it’s a collection of items that are unordered and changeable, written with curly brackets: {….} and Does not allow duplicate items.  To understand more about those two things, the teacher told us a website that we can practice about those that call I have one project that I work on in that talk about Python Dictionary. And you can test it here below.



So nowadays in Technology and Multimedia class, we learn about coding about Python. In Python, we learn about “For loop” and “While loop”. Do you know what are that? So For loop when you want to perform some actions a fixed number of times. And for While loop is perform an action until the condition is false. And also we learn some keywords too. In Python “Break”  mean to stop the loop and “Continue” it’s not mean to continue but it’s mean to stops one repetition of the loop and goes onto the next repetition. 

For loop Example: 

for letter in ‘Python’ :   

          print ‘Current Letter : ‘ , letter


While loop Example: 

i = 1

while i < 6:

       print ( i )

       i += 1


Pixar Story Structure

In this round 2 Multimedia class, we have learned about digital storytelling. So first do you know what is Digital Storytelling? So digital storytelling is a story that told by the digital tool like TV or phone something like that. But first, we learn about the Pixar storytelling. In Pixar storytelling, they have a lot of rule and the rule that we learn about is called “Pixar story Structure”. Usually, we use Pixar storytelling to tell the story or describe the story. Pixar story structure they have” Once upon a time___, There was_____One day____Because of that_____Because of that___Until finally____”. And also I have created one of the Pixar story Structure too. And there is mine.


“Once upon a time there was a boy who lives in Cambodia. Every day he uses to go to study at the school by bike. One day on the way to school he got an identification by car. Because of that, he can’t go to study at the school for about 2 months. Because of that, he falls the test. Because of that when he feels better he study more and more. Until finally he has passed the test’”.


Adobe Creative

At first in Multimedia class we have learned about how to research something on the internet like Primary source and secondary source. and a teacher tells us to research something or someone on the internet. After we finish that we have learned about how to use Adobe creative like Photoshop Lightroom and Indesign. and then we need to edit the photo from Lightroom and Photoshop. and then we take that photo and some of our information about something or someone that we have research and put it in the InDesign. And this is my Project.