Cambodia Economy Book Planning 

5 years ago, our former senior created the Cambodian Economy book. It was so successful. So now, it is time to create volume 2 after 5 years but this time, it will be created by us. Last round, a group of students were planning the structure of how this book will look like or what the contents will be contained in this book. Also, they started to research and gather a lot of resources. But this round 3, we just continue from where they left on which was making some changes to the structure as the whole group and checking the resources whether it is appropriate or not. We also started with the draft writing and searched for more information if needed. Based on this experience, at first, I was a little bit scared because I knew almost nothing about the economy. But after being a part of this project, I got to understand the Cambodian economy better and am looking forward to learning and being a part of this project more.    

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