Healthy Community Engagement 

For this last round of my grade 10 years, I got into an exploration called “Healthy community Engagement”. Since we are in quarantine, we could not go outside and we just stayed home. But staying at home for too long, you just gonna increase your time on your screens, feeling bored and unproductive. That is why we created this exploration by trying to engage the community during this difficult time, to keep them healthy both mentally and physically, and enable everyone to connect with others, and generally make them feel motivated. In this exploration, our team tried to do some research on some activities to play that help us both mentally and physically. After we gathered a bunch of activities, each of us had to film ourselves playing those activities with our family members or friends. After that, we shared those videos with our Liger community in a form of encouraging them to enjoy those activities like us. We were having so much fun with our family members and friends while playing these activities. It really helped individuals to spend less time on screens but to spend more time with our friends and family. Some games even help us to exercise as well. In conclusion, I really enjoyed being a part of this project. It really helped me and my family and friends to feel connected in this hard time of the pandemic. I hope it will inspire everyone to do some activities to stay connected rather than just spending time on screens for too much.

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