Cambodian University Support Platform

When it comes to the word university, I feel like my mind is a mess because I don’t even know what to do at the university. I don’t have any actual goals or what I’m passionate about yet. I still need more time to decide on that. And I know that not only me is facing this problem right now. Many students all around the world are stressing about it. After they finish high school they will be like “What’s next?” It’s hard for them to understand what is university or what will we do at the university. So this is why one of our alumni came up with an idea to create a university support platform that provides all of those resources that they need to know about university. It is called “Cambodian University Support Platform” or “CUSP”. Our goal is to create a platform that will provide helpful resources to high school students when considering their career and life path after they graduate from high school. In this platform, there will be a lot of content that we are willing to provide to them such as how to apply for university? What is the major? And many other more resources. Below is the video that will be showing the introduction of CUSP.


Here is the link to our Facebook page to see what we have done.

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