Exploring Mental Illness

Every round in our English Literacy class, we always have a different theme to learn. But for this round, we have a theme to learn called “Exploring Mental Illness”. When I first heard it, it sounds interesting to me to learn about mental illness. This round, teacher had divided into two different unite one is about “Exploring and Understanding Mental Illness and Health” and another one is about “Examining Mental Illness in Literary Works and Film”. In the first two weeks, we learned about what is Mental Illness as well as what is Stigma. Continue two the next 4 or 5 weeks we continue two our second unit which is “Examining Mental Illness in Literary Works and Film”. In this time, we learn about the story that the authors were written related to Mental illness. There are three different authors which are Edgar Allan Poe, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and Gabrielle Roy. During our 4 or 5 weeks, we have read a book from each author which are The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe, The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and the last story is Alicia by Gabrielle Roy.

The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe
The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Alicia by Gabrielle Roy



Literacy Round 1

Case Study: Why do People flee home?

The first round of Literacy class, students were learning based on the case study: Why do people flee home? We use resources such as websites and books to further perceive the topic . We read a book called Inside out and back again, written by Thanhha Lai. When finished reading, students have a much more in-depth understanding about this very universal problem. At the end of the round, each student was required to write a poem about a made up character, and how he/she felt being a refugee and while fleeing home. Below is my poem. And it’s about a guy who flee home because of civil war happen in his country. 


I believe!


My name is Marko.

I am not Christian, but Muslim.


I grow up in Bosnia

living with my parents.


My house was so beautiful 

with one dike flow nearby.


I always fall asleep 

with the sound of the water 

That flow

From the dikes.


After seven years, my parents had died

Because of an accident.


Everything had turned inside out.


I need to live by myself

In order to survive.


I need to do everything.

It’s really hard for me 

Because I’m just 7 years old.

But I had to accept it.


But here, I’m 20 years old right now, 

Everythings had turned back,



I live peacefully in Bosnia,

In the same house as usual.


I still always fall asleep

With the sound of water

That flow from the dikes. 


After two decades, 

I thought I will live peacefully forever.


But now it wasn’t,

WAR had turned my life

Back Inside out again.


Not just me,

Everyone were worried,

They don’t want that 

to happen in their country.


Civil war had begun

In my country.

All of the troops had declared. 



The sound of the water 

that flow from the dikes

Used to make me fall asleep.


But now,


I never fall asleep,

The sound of gun mixed with bomb

Making me feel more than




The war had come 

More closer to my home.


I need to escape 

so then I won’t get killed.

So I decide to move to France.


Now here I am,

Paris, France

I can do everything just to come here.

It’s safer than my country.


Paris welcome me so warm.

They don’t discriminate me,

Even Though I am a



I came out of the darkness 

and saw the lights here in Paris, France.

My life had turned Inside Out, but now Back Again


                                                                       Huykea Sun  

                                                                      Wednesday, October, 16, 2019 

                                                                       9:10 PM

How to be happy when you feel bored?

This last round of the year, for English literacy class, my teacher said that this year we have an independent work to do by yourself.  By this, you need to prepare your own schedule for yourself for literacy class. But also the teacher tells us something to do before the end of the year too such as How-to be Happy Final essay, Reading the novel book and more. Below, here is my Final Essay. It is about How to be Happy when you felt bored?


Have you ever felt bored? I’m sure you have and everyone doesn’t like to be bored. But wait, What is boredom? Boredom is a feeling that people usually feel when they have nothing to do or doing the same thing every day and every day. People sometimes feel boring and hate bored, but we need to solve this problem. If we don’t solve this problem, we still get this problem forever and forever. That’s why we need to solve this problem to make ourselves and the people around us feel better. There are too many ways to solve this problem that everyone can use to help yourself when you’re feeling bored or get bored. According to Katie Sweeney, an author of MyDomaine said: “ 96 Things to Do When You’re Bored”. So this means that there are a lot of things that you can do which will help you to forget being bored.


Do what you love

Doing your favorite hobby is one of the solutions that can help you to forget about being bored. Hobbies are activities that you do every day such as playing a sport or listening to music. The hobby is a very good solution that can help you to feel better when you get bored. Because everyone will feel happy when they can do what they want and what they like or love to do. But first, try to think about the hobbies that you like to do and play so it makes you easier. After you think about your favorite hobbies try to do it or play it to help yourself feel better. So when you get bored, you need to start to do activities that you love to do or you like to do to make you feel better when you get bored.


Traveling or Going outside

Traveling or going outside can also help you to feel better when you get bored too. For my experience, I also get bored because of staying at home. It’s very boring to see the same thing that you see every day. You know what, most of the people when they get bored, they always go outside and relax or traveling to other places to see the beauty of nature in the world we have now. Nature helps you when you get bored. But How can? There are too many things of nature that you haven’t seen all yet. All around the world, always have something that beautiful about nature such as waterfall, animals, etc. That way it can help you, whenever you see something cool you will feel happy and have fun about it. That’s why I believe that nature can help our feeling to feel better and forget bored.


Watching comedy

Watching comedy is one of the big solutions to make you feel better when you get bored too. It’s can help you to feel better when you get bored because when you watch a comedy it makes you laugh and make you happy to forget bored and stress. Believe me, it’s work!!!! For my experience when I get bored I usually watching some comedy clip or movies that make me feel happy to release stress and bored. Get bored is a big problem but also watching comedy is a big solution to solve this problem too.

Believe me, these solutions are a big solution that can help you to forget being bored. You can try these solutions by yourself when you get bored. Because life is about happiness and excitement, keep yourself happy, don’t be bored and if you get bored try your best to use these solutions to make you feel happy. And last but not least if you get bored remember these quotes: I’m bored is a useless thing to say. You live in a great, big, vast world that you’ve seen none perfect of.


Reading is not easy for me. I don’t like reading so much. This just shows me who I am before but now not like that. Now I like to read the book. I have read so many books and now almost everything in English literacy is related to reading. We need to read and read more. This term of school teacher has given us a book to read for 3 weeks. The book it’s kind of long but not very long and that’s books call “Looking for Alaska”. Looking for Alaska is the books that are mostly talking about Relationship, happy, death and sad.  Here are the information and summary of the book.

Related image


Mile (Pudge)



Colonel (Chip)



The Eagle



Culver Creek school



Mile had to leave his parents from Florida to study at Alabama. Before he leaves, they waned him not to smoke and drink. However, when he goes to school and learn where he has friends that like to smoke and he starts to drink and smoke like his friends. And one day The Eagle caught them and they saw them smoke than they got a punishment for cleaning the dishes in the cafeteria for 1 week. When the Thanksgiving coming, Mile doesn’t go home and celebrate with his parents and he lied his parents that he had a lot of works to do, instead, he stays with Alaska and celebrates together. After the Thanksgiving holiday, they came back to school and taking the test about religion. After they thanksgiving celebrate the end, one day they want to make a pre-prank to the rich kids because they hate them so much. Start from that time, Alaska starts to feel sad and depressed 1 part because of her past, her mom’s death and another part because she believes life is just suffering. On the night of January 10th Alaska got into the worst car accident and passed away. Pudge and Colonel can’t take the truth so they decided to do their own investigation. They tried to go to different places and asked many different people, and tried to figure out why Alaska drove off the campus that night. Pudge and colonel have found most of what they want, so they try to make a prank and make everyone remember Alaska forever. After that one day, Mile runs into Takumi room and saw one paper on the floor. For the Takumi paper said that he needs to leave for Japan tomorrow and he said that he knows about that secret that mostly Colonel and Pudge try to figure out. The truth is that he saw her that night and he tries to talk to her and she told him that her mother was dead eight years ago and that why she always put flowers on her mother’s grave on the anniversary, but she forgot that year. And also Takumi still has no idea whether it was suicide or what too. 

Argument Essay

In literacy class, the teacher has taught us about how to write an argument essay.  So we need to pick the topic to research about it can be about exploration or SDGs (sustainable development goals). And I pick SDGs about “Life on land”. And below is my Argument Essay.

Even though some people don’t want to have animals around them due to health reasons, people should consider getting a pet because animals are important to plants, some animals can help you not to feel depressed or lonely, and animals can also help us as a worker such as carrying something heavy or carrying us to go somewhere and also they can help us with their ability.

Nowadays some people don’t want to have animals around them because they still don’t know how helpful animals are. Some people just think that animals are bad. For example, they are so smelly so they don’t want animals to have around them. But like I said animals are very helpful to us. They have help us with their ability to carry something or carry us to go some there. They can help the environment and help us not to be depression or loneliness.    

Animals are important to the environment because. According to Anna Roberts, an author of Hunker said. “There are three ways animals are important to plants. They are Pollination, Propagation, and Fertilization. Pollination is achieved for plants to create a new seed by bees, butterflies, Hummingbirds, and other insects. Propagation is the way that animals can help by spread the seeds to another location. Animals measure has been widely used for Fertilize. A lot of animals adds organic matter, nutrients, and microbes to the soil”.

Some animals can help us not to be depression or loneliness especially pets. When we are lonely, pets always play with us and help us feel well by showing with their emotion. Some people take pets as their friend. According to Avigayil Brown who loves pets said that when she was young she dealt with depression when she was 12 and then she started to learn and understand how pets can help her feel well. When she moved into her own apartment she had trouble sleeping. After she owned two kittens, she started sleeping well. In a recent survey by Human-Animal Bond Research Institute, it shows that 74% of the pet owner having pets improve their mental health.     

Animals can help us as a worker by carrying us or something heavy to go somewhere and can help us with their ability. According to “Sciencing”, the author Alex Silbajoris writes about how animals are helpful to us and they can help us such as to carry something heavy and helping us with their ability. Alex Silbajoris writes “Dogs offer their senses of sight, hearing and smell to aid people with disabilities”. This is a great writing from Alex Silbajoris about how helpful animals are, so nowadays people start to know how animals are helpful base on this article. And in Cambodia, I saw a lot of people who have a dog at their house, me included. I fed the dog because the dogs are very helpful such as helping me and my family by watching my house when I’m not at a home.

The problem of people don’t want animals to have around them is can be canceled. It will, however we need time to tell people about animals how helpful they are. Animals can help us with many things. They just need food (Food, Water), shuttle, Health care, exercise and love from us. So now by this essay, I want you to open your heart to start playing and know how animals are very helpful to us. Stop discriminant animals. Stop think that animals are not helpful.  


Researching About Landfill

In English Literacy, I have learned a lot more about a new thing and new words. In those things that we have learned,  I have one thing that I interest, that is about researching about the landfill. So the teacher has given 4 countries that need research about the landfill. There are India, Philippine, Ethiopia, and Kenya. So I got Ethiopia and I have researched a bit about the country such as the location and a lot about the landfill in Ethiopia. And we, not just research about the country, we also have research about the city and the city that I research in Ethiopia is Addis Ababa. And there is some of my information. So the population of Addis Ababa there about 3.385 and this city is almost located in the middle of the country. And a green energy plant is being built in Ethiopia. That green energy plant will process 1,400 tons of waste per day and produces 185 GWH  electricity annually that will be exported to the Ethiopian national grid. The President of the Ethiopian has created a building of the waste-to-power plant began and burn waste will generate steam which will produce electricity at a projected power of 25 megawatts per day. And also there is one big landfill call Koshe and there are about a hundred trash picker live and work there.

Root Words

In Liger we have one time every day to learn literacy. In this class, we have one teacher name, Hannah. This year we have learned a lot of new root words that especially from LATIN and GREEK. Every week the teacher has given us a homework Packet and in that Packet has the new words that some of the question of what words like the synonym and antonym of that words. And also every week we have read a lot of new articles like William Shakespeare and Mahatma Gandhi. Mostly the articles that we usually read is from READWORK and NEWSELA. And when we read the articles about showing the works of William Shakespeare teacher has told us that we need to choose one famous person and research about them a bit and then we take a short video about we’re organizing the exhibit of showing the person that we research about.