Marine Species Website Exploration 

              Nowadays, many marine species are being threatened in Cambodia and all around the world only because of humans. A Lot of marine species are likely to go extinct if people still continue what they are doing to harm all of those species. If all of those species will go extinct, the next generation will never see what they look like and how beautiful they were.  That’s why we have this exploration to share Cambodia’s marine environments with Cambodians and global citizens by raising awareness of marine species, promoting scientific discovery, protecting ecosystem services, and inspiring curiosity about the ocean. By this, we will create a website about marine life (group by morphology ) and ecosystems in Cambodia including all of the information. For the first round we focused on the outline of our website and on the next round we will try to make it out. Also, our website will be both Khmer and English so Cambodians and global citizens will be able to learn more about all of those marine species and ecosystems in Cambodia. 

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