Round 5: Online Learning during Lock Down

Even Though CoronaVirus has stopped us from going to school, but we still can learn and improve our knowledge through online learning. English literacy is still one of the subjects that we still need to improve. For this round 5 during the lockdown, we had to improve our English literacy skills such as reading and writing. We had 8 weeks and 8 different themes for each week. One of the themes that I like the most was “art”. Art was a theme for week 7. After I have done this theme for week 7 I can know how important art is to everyone and so on I can reflect on my own relationship with art, how art has helped me to release stress. I also can explore more about art in different museums on the internet all around the world to see different art pieces so I can recreate them by using my creativity and household items whenever I felt bored during this lockdown. Moreover, for this theme, I got to learn more things about art, especially one of the types of art called surrealism. In addition, after I learned about it, I also got to write a short story by using it too. In conclusion, even if we can’t go to school, online learning is still engaging between students and teachers and we still can gain knowledge and improve our skills through different subjects that we learned.

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