MUN Conference | Giving Youth a Voice

When this events start to open for students to join, My mind said: “let’s take this risk”. This is my first time being as a delegate so I decided to join Junior General Assembly 1 (JGA1). The reason that I decided to join this event because I want to get more experience and improving my public speaking skills. And this risk made actually made my first MUN experience more empowering. 

In this MUN Conference, I want myself to represent as a delegate of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. In my committee, we have 3 different topics which are “The question of Reforestation”, “The question of the Militarization of Space”, and “The question of Reducing inequality toward the LGBTQ+ community”. Through this conference, I can know the problems that the world is facing nowadays. As we a delegate, we need to find a best solutions to help and solve the problems.   

Overall, my first MUN conference was challenging but successful. It had given me memories, and strength. It tells me that I have the ability to give a voice that’s also can improve my public speaking skills and listen to different representations of different countries all around the world. Also, it has given me a chance to work with new people as well. 

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