Math round 2

Things start getting harder harder. Before, I think math is one of the easiest subjects to learn. But since our fourth-year start, everything has changed and now I will say that math is not easy like before. But this is my second round of the year. Things started to get better. I have learned a lot about algebra. Since our second round started in October, I have learned a lot of new things about algebra. We have started to learn about System of Equations, Inequality (Systems & Graphs) and a little bit of Functions. I think System of Equations is really hard to learn and understand but after I have learned and know the structure of it, it seems easy. Inequality (Systems & Graphs) was one of the lessons that I have proven a lot about it too. But for the last lesson which is Functions, I start to get really stressed with it. When I first learn the intro of Functions, I think that Functions are so easy. But when I learned deeper and deeper, this started to change. For me, Functions is one of the lessons that hard to learn too. I’m one of the people that not usually talk in a whole class, so this might be the thing that I want to improve on. But if we talk about some positive study about me, whenever I don’t understand something, I always ask someone to help me like a teacher or my friends. And also, I’m one of the person that always want to finished Khan assignment before the weekend or never do Khan assignment on Friday night because my teacher told me not to do it and also I really think that it’s a good idea too because we don’t really get stressed about it too much just relax. My third round had started and their a few goals that I want to learn and improve for this third round. I want to improve myself to be an active person in the class and also try my best to do it before asking someone for help. Talking about math, I also want to learn more about algebra in the next lessons.

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