Community Base Ecotourism

           For this last round of the year, I have an exploration call Community Base Ecotourism round 2. What is Community Based Ecotourism? Community Base Ecotourism is ecotourism that mostly creates for the community which means that it helps the community a lot and also the natural environment. So the idea of this project is trying to create a Community Based Ecotourism in Jorm Pen, Bankernphal Village, Rumtum Commune, Rovieng District, Preah Vihear Province. So basically, for the first week, we learn to know what is Ecotourism. So ecotourism is a project or an idea that creates to protect the nature or environment and also help the community too. The main thing about ecotourism is mostly is create to protect nature and the environment. But, for Community Based Ecotourism is mostly created to help and protect the community including their culture belief because of they Koe community and also the environment too. But what can this project or this idea can help the nature or the environment and the community? So as we know it from the last round, in the community, there are only 5 people who involve in protecting the forest. Other people in the community is protecting too, but these 5 people are involving to go into the forest and stay there and live there. That is why we want to create a Community Based Ecotourism at there to help those people and no more other people come and cut down the tree and also its develop the community too. As we survey from last round, all the family in the village agree to this idea, and there’s only one family that they don’t involve. So which mean that almost the people in the village support to this project. In this round, we learn about the assessment criteria. As we learn about assessment criteria, we went to other Community Based Ecotourism and other Ecotourism to learn more about it and also while we in class, we have some time to research about these assessment criteria too. So for our Community-Based Ecotourism assessment criteria, we have 6 assessment criterias which are Market, Stakeholder support, Community Awareness, Attractiveness, Access and Services, and Activities. And also, we have a meeting with our stakeholder support. What is stakeholder support? So basically stakeholder support is all the people who involve in this project or help and support this project. In that meeting, we want to know about what are their perspective on this idea. And get some feedback from them and also want to know if this project happens what will they help or support us. As the meeting, the result is fairly good because as we know that all of them will support us, but we haven’t seen their action yet. And other assessment criterias are good.  

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