Continue to the last round of the year at Liger Leadership Academy, in Technology and Multimedia class we mostly review what we’ve learned this whole year. What have we learned for this year? We have learned a lot of things such as; Pixar storytelling, Adobe Premium Pro, Photoshop, taking photos and videos and more. The task for this round is to create a small project that relates to what we’ve covered for this year. Some of my friends are doing Premium Pro but for me, I chose Adobe Photoshop because I think Photoshop is a really cool program to use. That’s why I wanted to learn about it more. For my project, I learned about double exposure. It’s kind of two photos combining together, for example, a photo of a person and it has a background inside it. So first you need to have one picture of an object in photoshop open already and then click on a tool that calls quick selection tool and select the object that you like to edit. After that, you need to have another picture which is the background picture. Put the background picture on the picture that you want to use I mean the select one and then left click with a “Ctrl” key. After that, at the top on the left, you will see “layer”. Click on it and that find layer mask and click on reveal selection. Lastly, you will see your picture with a background inside it. I spent about a week to finish many pictures and below are some of the pictures that I edited.

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